Uncovering Government Programs to Support Community Projects in Orange County

The Orange County CDGB Program is dedicated to achieving its goals through the implementation of eligible activities such as capital improvements, affordable housing development, and public works. The OCTA is responsible for programming local, federal, and state funding for projects that improve transportation in Orange County. To stay informed on the latest projects and programs, you can get updates from the OCTA. VITA is an Orange County Volunteer Connect 55 plus (VC 55 plus) volunteer program that provides free federal and state tax preparation to individuals with low or middle incomes, regardless of their age or county of residence.

VC 55+ is a program of the Orange County Department of Aging that seeks to enrich the lives of people over 55 in Orange County by connecting them to meaningful volunteering experiences in the community. Through this program, Orange County can implement activities such as rental housing rehabilitation, tenant-based rental assistance, and rental housing activities undertaken by community housing development organizations (CHDO). Healthier Together Orange County is a community initiative that brings together public and private resources from the public health system to improve the health of all communities in Orange County. We support Orange County's Point in Time Count program, which is a biennial survey of homelessness on a given night.

We partnered with Jamboree and the University of California at Irvine, with support from the Orange County California Cities Association (ACC-OC), Orange County 2-1-1, and the Southern California Hospital Association to create a collaborative study on the cost of homelessness in the county. The Orange County Community Indicators Project has been producing annual reports since 1999 that measure the overall quality of life in Orange County by monitoring key indicators such as economic, social and environmental well-being. To help you with your mission or project, we've put together this list of community and nonprofit resources, research websites, and information about data from the Orange County community. The Family Financial Stability Index was developed in response to the needs of the United Way of Orange County to measure progress on its FACE 2024SM goals, which emerged from its strategic planning process and cover areas such as education, income, housing and health.

Whether your project is big or small, you can bring your neighbors together to make a difference in your community with the help of Orange County Neighborhood Grants. Project EnGage is a 13-week senior leadership program whose mission is to recruit and train older adults in Orange County to become community resource leaders and ultimately make their communities ideal places to age.

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