Making a Difference in Orange County: Organizations Working to Improve the Community

Orange County is a vibrant and diverse area, home to many organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community. From providing housing for those with special needs to mentoring children, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference. Acoustics for a Change, Big Brothers of Orange County, Boys Hope Girls Hope, California Heart Connection, Fish for Life, and Glennwood Housing are just some of the organizations that are actively working to improve the lives of those in Orange County. The Glennwood Housing Foundation was founded by a group of individuals who have children or friends with physical and developmental disabilities.

Their mission is to create safe and affordable housing for young adults with special needs in South Orange County. OneOC is another non-profit organization that provides services to non-profit organizations in order to strengthen the communities they serve. The YMCA of Orange County is dedicated to building strong children, families, and communities. They offer a range of programs and services that promote healthy living and social responsibility. Rotary clubs in Orange County also provide volunteer opportunities for those looking to make a difference. Ronald McDonald House Orange County is another organization that relies on volunteers to provide services such as light household chores, administrative tasks, helping families, storing supplies, and answering phones.

The Community Cup is an annual event that brings together over 1,000 participants to participate in outdoor sports games and support non-profit organizations. The Orange County Civic 50 is an initiative designed to recognize businesses that care most about the community in Orange County. Heidi Deal is an author who specializes in history and human rights and has written the Handbook for Newcomers on How to Live in Los Angeles in 26% of Orange County as well as several children's books. CASA is a non-profit agency that recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to serve as mentors and advocates for abused children in the Orange County foster care system. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County also needs volunteers who are interested in mentoring children to help them establish meaningful connections and reach their full potential. OC Animal Care has a list of community service projects that can be carried out by those under 18 years old to help animals. Making Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play is the goal of many organizations in the area.

Organizations such as Acoustics for a Change, Big Brothers of Orange County, Boys Hope Girls Hope, California Heart Connection, Fish for Life, Glennwood Housing, OneOC, YMCA of Orange County, Rotary clubs in Orange County, Ronald McDonald House Orange County, The Community Cup, The Orange County Civic 50, CASA, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, OC Animal Care are all actively working towards this goal.

Lawrence Milford
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