Uncovering Local Businesses Supporting Community Projects in Orange County

Are you looking to support community projects in Orange County? If so, you're in luck! There are a number of organizations that provide services to people in need or opportunities for those seeking to volunteer or sponsor. OneOC is a great place to start, as they partner with local companies to develop their corporate social responsibility programs that align with the causes that matter most to them. OneOC helps corporate neighbors adopt a culture of service and become socially responsible companies. The Orange County Civic 50 is another initiative in partnership with OneOC, designed to recognize and celebrate the 50 most community-oriented companies in Orange County.OneOC provides solutions and support to non-profit organizations and businesses, helping them achieve their objectives, achieve greater impact and engage with their communities.

Orange County YMCA is one such organization, building strong children, strong families, and strong communities. They partnered with Jamboree and the University of California at Irvine, with support from the Orange County California Cities Association (ACC-OC), 2-1-1 Orange County, and the Southern California Hospital Association to create a collaborative study on the cost of homelessness in the county. They also effectively advocated on behalf of OC to ensure a “fair share” of millions of state dollars for local transportation projects.OneOC helps companies take advantage of volunteering and donations to achieve a stronger brand image, the acquisition and development of talent, which translates into greater impact on the community and measurable end results. To help you with your mission or project, they've put together this list of community and nonprofit resources, research websites, and information about Orange County's community data.

This includes Orange County businesses, health information, resources for residents, education, real estate, and more.The Family Financial Stability Index was developed in response to the needs of the United Way of Orange County to measure progress on its FACE 2024SM goals, which emerged from its strategic planning process and cover the areas of education, income, housing and health.The Orange County Rescue Mission provides services to the homeless by providing services such as residential housing for up to two years, medical and dental care, meals, job training, case management, substance abuse treatment, parent training, anger management training, mental health care evaluation and treatment, housing assistance and placement, and life skills training. Since 1999, the Orange County Community Indicators Project has produced annual reports that measure the overall quality of life in Orange County by monitoring key indicators of economic, social, and environmental well-being.Healthier Together of Orange County is a community initiative that brings together public and private resources of the public health system to improve the health of all communities in Orange County. The Community Cup brings together more than 1,000 participants to participate in a fun and exciting event where outdoor athletic games designed to help organizations increase employee participation, promote teamwork, and support non-profit organizations.Information about Rotary clubs in Orange County with links to individual websites in each city where there is a club can be found online. This includes homepages for Orange County tourist information; fun things to do; OC beaches; art & music; shopping & dining; youth development; healthy living; social responsibility; wellness centers; extracurricular program centers; Point in Time Count program; biennial survey of homelessness; global organization of business & professional leaders providing humanitarian services; promoting high ethical standards; promoting goodwill & peace.In conclusion, there are many ways to get involved with local businesses that support community projects in Orange County.

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities or ways to donate money or resources - there are plenty of options available!.

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