Uncovering Research Opportunities for Community Projects in Orange County

Are you on the hunt for research opportunities related to community projects in Orange County? If so, you've come to the right spot. We've compiled a comprehensive list of resources, research websites, and community data from Orange County that can help you with your mission or project. The Research and Development Department at the Orange County Water District (OCWD) takes part in scientific advisory panels, research advisory boards, and project advisory committees to guide external research efforts. Since 1999, the Orange County Community Indicators Project has been producing annual reports that measure the overall quality of life in the county by monitoring key indicators such as economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Solidarity and OC United have been working together on a joint project to divert young people from the Fullerton and Placentia gangs and engage them in positive activities. The Family Financial Stability Index was developed by the United Way of Orange County to measure progress on its FACE 2024SM goals, which cover education, income, housing, and health. In partnership with Jamboree and the University of California at Irvine, as well as support from the Orange County California Cities Association (ACC-OC), Orange County 2-1-1, and the Southern California Hospital Association, a collaborative study was conducted on the cost of homelessness in the county. Healthier Together of Orange County is a community initiative that brings together public and private resources of the public health system to improve the health of all communities in Orange County. Executive Coaches of Orange County (ECOC) is a nonprofit organization that provides personalized guidance to organizational leaders at no cost.

The HOPE Center is an important achievement of the North Orange County Public Safety Collaboration, a coalition of police, local government, and nonprofit groups from 11 cities in North Orange County. The UCI C2C registry allows people interested in research to obtain information about studies led by researchers at the University of California, Irvine that are being conducted in Orange County. The report on people served by the Orange County Social Services Agency is prepared once a year, counting the total number of participants during the month of January. Additionally, we support Orange County's Point in Time Count program, which is a biennial survey of homelessness on a given night. Gil-Trejo and his staff work from the basement of McCarthy Hall on the Cal State Fullerton campus. For five years they have been working with the Collaboration to help support projects such as the HOPE Center. We hope this list has been useful in uncovering research opportunities related to community projects in Orange County.

With these resources at your disposal, you can make Orange County a safe, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play today and for generations to come.

Lawrence Milford
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